Paris Airports

There are two international airports that serve Paris. Roissy-Charles de Gaulle (airport code CDG) is located about 15 miles north of Paris, near the town of Roissy. The Orly airport (code ORY) is located about 9 miles south of Paris.

Each of these Paris airports have a number of choices for transportation into the city.

The utmost in convenience after a long flight is a Private Car Service from Charles DeGaulle Airport. You'll find this rather reasonable considering time saved and comfort. Your driver will meet you VIP style as you leave the Customs area.

Public transportation comes in the form of buses and commuter trains

Average time to the center of Paris from either airport is about 45 minutes.

Paris Shuttle Arrival Transfer - Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG)

An affordable, stress-free way to transfer from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to your central Paris hotel. The transfer is in comfortable vehicles with courteous English speaking drivers, and all services guarantee to make no more than three stops.

From Roissy-Charles de Gaulle

Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport has three terminals named CDG1, CDG2 and Terminal 9, and each terminal has halls with letter names.

The exits are numbered with the letter name of the Hall. For example, if you see a sign that states CDG2A it means Charles de Gaulle Airport terminal 2, Hall A. Or, if you see one that says CDG1 it means Charles de Gaulle Airport terminal 1.

After gathering your bags and passing through customs, you'll enter the main halls of the terminals. There will be signs directing you to the different choices of transport.

First of all, for any of the transportation options into the city from Paris airports, you are going to need some euros. Money Exhange Windows are found in the main halls of both Paris airports.

There is also an ATM directly opposite the customs exit. Other ATM machines can be found elsewhere in the halls.

The money exchange booths have signs that clearly state "Change" or, they are marked with familiar names like "American Express" or "Thomas Cook". It's recommended to change just enough to get you into the city and settled in. The rates tend to be rather poor at Paris airports.


You will find Taxi stands right outside the door to the terminals of both Paris Airports. There will be a line so go to the taxi to the front, or to the one you are directed to.

The cost of a taxi to the center of Paris will run around 50 euros, depending on traffic, the route the driver takes, and a host of "extras", such as extra luggage, bulky luggage, animals or a fourth passenger. A Taxi into the city takes about 40 minutes to an hour.

Air France Coaches

Buy your voucher ahead of time for added convenience.

The Airline "Air France" offers a convenient coach service into the city from both Paris Airports. The service is called "Le Car" and the signs are marked with the distinctive blue, white and red.

There are three lines from Roissy-Charles de Gaulle. Line 2 coaches leave approximately every 20 minutes from 5:45 a.m.-11 p.m.

  • Line 2 stops at Porte Maillot on rue Gouvion Saint Cyr and then on to Place Charles de Gaulle-Etoile, the Arc de Triomphe. From either of these stops you have convenient access to the metro for taking you to your final destination. There will also be a taxi or two there waiting for the coach.This coach service is found at a variety places in the Paris airports.If your arrival is at CDG1 follow the signs to exit 34.If you arrive at CDG2 halls A or C, go to exit 5. If your arrival is at CDG2 halls B or D, go to exit 6. If you arrive at CDG2 halls E or F, go to exit 3.The fare is 12 euros per person, one way, or 18 euros if you buy a round trip ticket, and there is a 15% reduction for groups of 4 or more.
  • Line 4 stops at two of the main Paris train stations, Gare de Lyon and Gare Montparnasse. From either of these Gares, train sations, you can connect to the metro and to the buses or to trains for other destinations in France.If your arrival is CDG1, go to exit 34.If you arrive at CDG2 halls A or C, go to exit C2.If your arrival is CDG2 halls B or D, go to exit B2.If arrive at CDG2 halls E or F, go to exit 3.Again, the fare is 12 euros one way, 18 euros for a round trip and a 15% reduction for groups of four or more.
  • Line 3 shuttles between the two Paris airports of Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport and Orly Airport.If you arrive at CDG1, go to exit 34. If you arrive at CDG2 halls A or C, go to C2. If you arrive at CDG2 halls B or D, go to exit B1. If you arrive at CDG2 halls E or F, go to exit 3.The fare is 16 euros and there is a 15% reduction for groups of 4 or more.

For more detailed information of these services and maps of the route go to the Les Cars Website. It is in French but fairly well organized and you should be able to find the information you want.

Paris Shuttle

For absolute convenience, efficiency and comfort the best transportation to your Hotel from Paris Airports is the Paris Shuttle Services. With these companies you can reserve ahead of time and have a car waiting for you when you arrive.

The shuttle will take you directly to your hotel. There are a half-dozen or so companies offering this service and depending on your group size it can be less expensive than a taxi and far more convenient than Les Cars or the public transport.

We suggest you do a Google Search on Paris Airport Shuttles or try this Paris Shuttle company for starters.

Public Transport


This is a service run by the Paris Public Transportation system RATP and its buses look like Paris City buses.

If you arrive at CDG1, go to exit 30.

If you arrive at CDG2 halls A or C, go to exit A8. If you arrive at CDG2 halls B or D, go to exit D12. If you arrive at CDG2 halls E or F, go to exit 3.

The bus will take you to the Opéra Garnier on rue Auber in the 9eme arrondissement. Travle time is about 50 minutes. Traffic can add another half-hour to that.

The fare is 8.60 euros which you can pay onboard.

RER Line B

The RER is the regional train system for the Paris area. From the Paris airports terminals you will take a shuttle to the RER station within the airport.

If you arrive at CDG1, take Aéroports de Paris Shuttle Busses, line 2 at gate 22.

If you arrive at CDG 2A or 2B, take the Paris Shuttle Bus line 3 at gate 8 of terminal 2A or at gate 6 of terminal 2B.

The Shuttles are free.

If arriving at CDG 2C, 2D, 2E, 2F or Terminal 3, follow the signs reading "Paris par train".

The RER fare is 8 euros for any station within Paris City limits. This ticket is also good for changing RER lines or for connecting Metro lines.

The RER is the least expensive way to get into Paris. Tickets need to be purchased before boarding. There is a large ticket counter at the airport RER station.

The most convenient way is to take a Taxi or better yet, reserve a shuttle ahead of time. If you are traveling alone the shuttle will be less expensive than a taxi.

Other benefits of a shuttle are that you know the cost ahead of time. If you are caught up in traffic, you will not be billed extra. With a taxi the meter is running whether you are moving or sitting.

For an extra fee, most shuttle services offer a VIP fare, where you will be met by the driver at the arrival hall, with a sign bearing your name.

For many people, after a long flight this is the most desirable way to go, especially if you are concerned about the language.

Orly Airport

Orly Airport, south of Paris has two terminals, Orly South and Orly West.

Taxi from Paris Airports

A taxi from Orly will cost approximately 25-35 euros, depending on final destination and traffic. Taxi stands are at all the hall exits.

Air France Coaches From Paris Airports

Line 1 leaves every 20 minutes and will take you to the train station of Montparnasse or to the Air France Aerogare at Invalides. The fare is 8 euros or 12 euros for a round trip ticket.

From the South terminal, go to exit K. From the West terminal, go to exit D.

Or reserve a Paris Shuttle.

Public Transportation from Paris Airports

The OrlyBus departs every 15 minutes from exit H4 at the South terminal and from exit J at the West terminal.

The fare is 6 euros and the bus will take you to the Denfert-Rochereau Metro in the 13eme Arrondissement where you can take the metro or bus to your final destination.

The OrlyVal goes to Antony station about every 10 minutes and from there you can take the RER B line or the Metro to your final stop in Paris.

The RER C line leaves Orly approximately every 15 minutes. From South terminal, go to exit G1 and from the West Terminal, go to exit G.

The C line will take you to train station Austerlitz in about 30 minutes. The fare is 6 euros.

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