Paris Taxis
Door to Door Convenience

Paris Taxis are very common in the city, relatively inexpensive and a very convenient way of getting around town.

There is a basic fare set by law and there are supplemental charges for bulky packages, luggage, pick-ups at the train stations, a 4th adult passenger and animals.

It is always a good idea to ask about these charges before the ride so there are no surprises when you reach your destination.

The sign on the top of the Paris taxi will tell you whether the taxi is available. If the sign is lit, the taxi is available.

There are three different rates for Paris taxis within the city:

  • Rate A is for trips in Paris between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. except on Sunday and holidays.

  • Rate B is for trips in Paris between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. and on Sundays and holidays. This fare also applies to daytime trips to the suburbs and to airports.

  • Rate C is for trips to the suburbs and to airports from 7 p.m.-7 a.m..

Paris taxi meters start at 2.20 euros and the minimum fare is 6.10 euros.

All registered Paris taxis have meters. Do not use a taxi without a meter. It is probably a freelance driver, who may not have proper insurance. You run the risk of ruining your vacation.

If you call for a taxi, the meter begins when the driver starts out to pick you up.

There are taxi stands in many places around Paris. If you get a taxi there, take the taxi at the head of the line.

Drivers are not allowed to pick-up passengers on the streets within 50 meters of a taxi stand.

Most Paris taxi fares are cash only. Very few taxis take credit cards.

It is the custom to give a 10% tip to the driver.

Here are two companies that will have English speaking dispatchers:

Taxi G7 - Phone: English-speaking

Taxi Bleus - Phone: English-speaking

Your hotel, of course, can arrange a Paris taxi for you, or direct you to the nearest Paris taxi stand.

You will find taxi stands at the following locations:

Paris Taxi Stands:

  • Pl. André Malraux - Phone:
  • Pl. Châtelet - Phone:
  • Métro Concorde - Phone:
  • Pl. Opéra - Phone:
  • Métro Rambuteau - Phone:
  • Métro Saint Paul - Phone:
  • Pl. Monge - Phone:
  • Pl. Rostand/rue Soufflot - Phone:
  • Pl. St. Michel - Phone:
  • Pl. Maubert - Phone:
  • Pl. 18 juin 1940 - Phone:
  • Métro St. Germain des Prés - Phone:
  • Observatoire - Phone:
  • Tour Eiffel - Phone:
  • Pl du Palais Bourbon - Phone:
  • Métro Latour-Maubourg - Phone:
  • Pl de l'Ecole Militaire - Phone:
  • Métro Solférino - Phone:
  • Pl Léon-Paul-Fargue - Phone:
  • Métro rue du Bac - Phone:
  • Pl Rio de Janeiro - Phone:
  • Pl St Augustin - Phone:
  • Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées - Phone:
  • Pl des Ternes - Phone:
  • Square de Montholon - Phone:
  • Métro Richelieu-Drouet - Phone:
  • Métro Goncourt - Phone:
  • Métro Ménilmontant - Phone:
  • Pl de la Nation - Phone:
  • Pl Léon-Blum - Phone:
  • Métro Père-Lachaise - Phone:
  • Pl Félix-Eboué - Phone:
  • Métro Glacière - Phone:
  • Pte d'Italie - Phone:
  • Pl Pinel - Phone:
  • Carrefour Patay-Tolbiac - Phone:
  • 1, av Reille - Phone:
  • Métro Alésia - Phone:
  • Pte d'Orléans - Phone:
  • Pte de Vanves - Phone:
  • Métro Plaisance - Phone:
  • Pl Denfert-Rochereau - Phone:
  • Pont Mirabeau - Phone:
  • Métro Bir Hakeim - Phone:
  • Métro La Motte-Picquet - Phone:
  • Pl de Breteuil - Phone:
  • Mairie annexe du 15° - Phone:
  • Métro Convention - Phone:
  • Pl Charles-Michels - Phone:
  • Pte de Versailles - Phone:
  • Pl Clément-Ader - Phone:
  • Métro Muette - Phone:
  • Pl Jean-Lorrain - Phone:
  • av Victor-Hugo-Etoile - Phone:
  • Métro Porte Dauphine - Phone:
  • Pl de Barcelone - Phone:
  • Gare Henri-Martin - Phone:
  • Pl de la Porte d'Auteuil - Phone:
  • Pl du Trocadéro - Phone:
  • Métro Passy - Phone:
  • Pte Molitor - Phone:
  • Métro Jasmin - Phone:
  • Pl Aimé-Maillard - Phone:
  • Pl du Maréchal-Juin - Phone:
  • Pte de Clichy - Phone:
  • Métro Villiers - Phone:
  • Pte de St-Ouen - Phone:
  • Pl de la République de l'Equateur - Phone:
  • Pl Charles-de-Gaulle - Phone: 01.43.80. 01.99
  • Pte d'Asnières - Phone:
  • Pl. du Tertre - Phone:
  • Métro Guy Moquet - Phone:
  • Eglise de Belleville - Phone:
  • Porte de Pantin - Phone:
  • Métro Porte de Montreuil - Phone:
  • Métro Pyrénées - Phone:

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