Paris Postal Codes
And Post Offices

Paris Postal codes, as it is in all of France consist of five digits. The first two digits designate the "departmente" that the city or village is in.

In the case of Paris it is "75" so all Paris Postal Codes begin with "75".

The last three numbers tell you which of the 20 arrondissements the address is in. For example, an address with the Paris Postal Code of 75001 would be in the 1st Arrondissement. An address with the postal code 75010 would be in the 10th Arrondissement.

The exception to the rule(this is France after all! There is always at least one exception to every rule) is the 16th Arrondissement. 75016 designates an address in the southern half of the 16th; 75116 designates an address in the northern half of the 16th.

This system of postal codes was put in place during the French Revolution. Each departmente was assigned a number in alphabetical order.

You will find post offices scattered all over the city, in each quartier of the city. You can recognize them by their logo, "La Poste" in a distinctive yellow and blue.

If a visit to the Louvre is on your list of "things to do in Paris", you will find a Post Office located in the mall under the Pyramid.

From there you can send away the post cards and souvenirs from your museum visit.

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