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People love to travel and they love reading about it and planning their next adventure to new and exotic places. This Travel Directory will help you in your planning and your dreaming.

However, sifting through the thousands of websites on world travel, eco-tourism, travel destinations and travel information, looking for answers and ideas can be very time consuming.

Whenever we find a site offering travel information that is of particular interest we like to let others know about it. We do that by placing a link to that site here in our Directory.

One of our newest additions is a very informative site about the Republic of Nigeria. It is called Nigeria Planet.
It is the premier Nigeria information portal. At this site you will find news, information, politics, networking opportunities and updates about the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Looking for exotic places? How about a very reasonably priced 4 Star Guest House in South Africa?

Perhaps you are looking for travel information and ideas from a woman's point of view. Then, you should take a look at International Woman Online Magazine.

If you love the romantic side of Paris you might want to visit Cyprus,Aphrodite's island of love. This site has lots of great insider travel tips

Or, maybe, you are simply looking for general travel information to help you in your planning. For a wealth of ideas and travel tips for your next adventure try Travel and Transitions.

Travel to Egypt  answers just about every question you might have on traveling in Egypt. This site is full of wonderful pictures so you can entice your wanderlust right from your armchair.

Be it world travel, eco-tourism or exotic places, these listed sites offer quality travel information for local and world travel.

From the exotic places to the down home, from an eco-tourist adventure to world travel in 5 star luxury, the sites chosen here have one thing in common: good solid information from someone passionate about their subject.

Travel Directory: World or Local Travel, Exotic Places or Real Down Home, Travel Information from Quality Sites

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