Square Montholon

A Lovely Neighborhood Park

Square Montholon, Paris

Metro: Cadet; Poissonnière
Arrondissement: 9eme

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Map of the Area

Square Montholon is located on rue Lafayette and is the largest park in the 9th arrondissement. It was designed by Jean Charles Adolphe Alphand, Baron Hausmann's engineer, during 1862-1863.

It covers 4,500 square meters.

It has two terraces and the wrought iron fence that surrounds the park is from the time of Louis Phillipe I, king of France between 1830–1848.

The Square is named in honor of Nicolas de Montholon (1763-1789). Nicolas de Montholon was a lawyer, the Councilor of the Chamber of Investigations and the first president of the Metz and Normandy parliaments.

Square Montholon, Paris

In the center of the Square are two Oriental plane trees, one of which is 4 meters in circumference and 30 meters tall. The other is over 3 meters in circumference and 25 meters tall. Both are over 100 years old.

The Square also has over 40 other trees including maples, robiniers, cedars and lindens. There are more than 2,500 bushes such as laurels, roses and currant as well as over 3,000 flowering plants.

Square Montholon, Paris

The Square is adorned by a sculpture of Ste. Catherine created by Lorueix and placed here in 1925.

Square Montholon, Paris

The square has a children's playground and ping-pong tables.

Square Montholon, Paris

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