Paris Map
5th Arrondissement

The 5th arrondissement is delineated by Boulevards Saint Marcel and de l'Hopital on the east, the Seine River on the north, Boulevard de Saint Michel on the west and Boulevard de Port Royal on the south

The 5th Arrondissement is the site of some of the oldest remnants of Paris. It is here that the Romans built their city of Lutece or Lutecia.

On the Left Bank you will find the archeological remains of the Roman Baths. These are wonderfully showcased at the Hotel du Cluny and the Museum of the Middle Ages. 

On the hill above where today stands the Pantheon were the main palaces and halls of Lutecia.

A little ways beyond is the Arena de Lutece where games and gladiatorial events were staged. Today on an evening you will usually find a pick up game of football.

The Left Bank, in the Middle Ages became the center for learning with the establishment of many schools and Universities which became renowned throughout Europe.

Upstream on the river banks you will find the Jardin des Plantes, founded in the early 17th century by Guy de la Brosse, physician to King Louis the 13th.

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