My Funny Paris Story!

by Audrey

The story that I remember happened when my husband, kids and I took a trip to France last year. They had beautiful sites, museums, and you can't forget about their amazing great food. This was my kids first big trip, they were only two and four. All along we've heard about France's beaches and they were worth seeing. So one day, my family got packed up to go to the beach. When we got there I noticed something peculiar and me and my husband turned to each other and shared the same look. Every one we saw was practically naked. The French dress alot differently for the beach then where we came from, the U.S.A. We rushed out of there as quickly as we could and during our whole ride back to the hotel the kids were asking questions about what they just saw. They were quite confused. Overall the trip was fantastic and we will be back when my kids are a bit older.

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