Paris Arrondissements

For information on specific Paris arrondissements, use the map above and simply click on the number of the arrondissement you want.

The system of Paris arrondissements in effect today was initiated in 1860. The twenty administrative districts, called arrondissements, each has it's own city hall and mayor, with another mayor for the entire city.

Before 1860 there was an old, known as ancienne, system of 12 arrondissements established in 1795. Arrondissements 1 through 9 were on the Right Bank and arrondissements 10 through 12 on the Left Bank.

This present system of Paris Arrondissements is arranged somewhat to reflect the history of the City and it's evolution in that the lower numbered arrondissements are in the center of the city with the higher numbered arrondissements spiraling out from the center in clockwise direction to the periphique, which was established on the former site of the Thiers Wall, the last remaining of the City walls of Paris.

Though not geograhically precise in it's boundaries, the Paris Arrondissements system does speak to the historical fact that Paris evolved within a series of walls dating back to the Roman Era.

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