The Louvre Museum Tour

One of the World's Great Museums


Guided Tour of the Louvre

Paris City Tour, Louvre Tour and Cruise of the Seine

Unquestionably one of the world's great museums, the Louvre is a magnificent setting for some of history's greatest works of art.

Having a Guide to lead you through this vast museum and to help you discover the wonders of this great world treasure makes the experience much easier and more rewarding.

The Louvre Museum Tour covers the major works and many of the lesser known but important pieces. The building itself is a treasure and our tour covers its history and its construction which has spanned over seven centuries.

One word of advice: you can't see everything in one day. However, our tour allows you to intimately enjoy some of history's greatest works of art while experiencing the grandeur of this museum and its immense collection.

Because of the crowds, you may want the Louvre Museum tour to begin early. The entrance ticket is good for the entire day allowing you to exit and re-enter the museum as you wish.

Also, the Louvre is open Wednesday and Friday evenings until 9:30 p.m. Crowds are much less in the evening and the museum takes on a more tranquil quality at night. The entrance fee is also reduced after 6 p.m..

For further information on the Louvre, go to our Louvre Museum page for some history of the building, some information about the collection, museum hours, admission prices, practical information and other services.

Guided Tour of the Louvre

Paris City Tour, Louvre Tour and Cruise of the Seine

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