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5th Arrondissement

Use this Paris map 5th arrondissement and the search box to locate many of the sites in Paris. These maps from Google maps also give you great aerial views of the city. Click on the "Satellite" button on the map to change to an aerial view.

There is also a great little "street view" option. Just drag the little orange man on the controls in the upper left corner and drop it on the map where you want to see the street view. It's a very neat little option.

The 5th arrondissement is delineated by Boulevards Saint Marcel and de l'Hopital on the east, the Seine River on the north, Boulevard de Saint Michel on the west and Boulevard de Port Royal on the south.

Paris 5th Arrondissement Sites:

  • 5th Arrondissement Maire (Mayor's Office), 21 place du Pantheon , 75005 Paris
  • Arena of Lutece, 6 rue Monge , 75005 Paris
  • Musee de l'Institute du Monde Arabe, 1 rue des Fosses Saint Bernard , 75005 Paris.
  • Museum of the Middle Ages, 6 place Paul Painleve , 75005 Paris
  • National Museum of Natural History, 57 rue Cuvier , 75005 Paris,
  • Museum of Sculpture in Open Air, Quai Saint Bernard, 75005 Paris
  • Church of Saint Etienne du Mont, Place Sainte Geneviève, 75005 Paris
  • Church of Saint Julien le Pauvre, 79 rue Galande, 75005 Paris
  • Pantheon, Place du Pantheon, 75005 Paris

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